YourLink Wireless Internet

Towers Located in Waseca, Paradise Hill & Lloydminster


$199.00 – Install Labour
$45.00 – Mounting arm and cabling
$85.00/hr – Travel time from Lloydminster and back
$0.55/km – Mileage from Lloydminster and back


(There are several options for the equipment)
Rental – for $15.99/month you can rent the equipment.
Purchase – Depending on the chosen package equipment ranges from FREE to $249.99 and comes with a one-year warranty.

Residential Packages

Residential Lite: $30.99/month – 256Kbps download speed, 128 Kbps upload
Residential Basic: $47.99/month - 1.0Mbps download speed, 256 Kbps upload
Residental Adavantage: $55.99/month - 2.0Mbps download speed, 256 Kbps upload

Business Packages

Small Office: $65.99 - 2.0Mbps download, 256 Kbps uplosd
Small Office Advantage: $79.99 - 2.0 Mbps download, 512 Kbps upload
Business: $154.99 - 3.0 Mbps download, 1.0 Mbps upload
Busines Advantage: $254.99 - 5.0 Mbps download, 1.5 Mbps upload

Basic Install

An antenna will need to be mounted somewhere, generally on the roof or a tv tower. A single line of co-axial cable will run from the antenna into the house, usually into the computer room. A hole will need to be drilled into the house somewhere for the cable. This cable plugs into the modem which can then either plug directly into the computer or into a router for multiple computers and firewalled protection. Installers are not responsible for connecting Internet to multiple computers or preforming any network tasks. Any additional work in addition to the basic install is subject to additional labor charges.

If you have any further questions, feel free to come into our store or call us at:
T. B. System Solutions Inc.
3911-51st Avenue
Lloydminster, Alberta
Or YourLink directly:

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